Snippets from Arpit


A lucky break (or, really, drag)

What’s incredible about my story is that my friend dragged me along to this course, which I had no intention of attending, but then, somehow, I liked it. And he…didn’t. Fast forward to now, and I have no idea what my life would be like without it had he not done that that day. What an unrepayable debt I owe to him!! I’m actually not sure if he’s done it yet or not – I will have to check and make him do it soon : ).


Pray, don’t spray

All was well — for a while. The course was going fine, but when I started doing that vigorous breathing exercise (what did they call it?), snot came flying out of my nose in ridiculous quantities. I was worried!!! What would the people around me think? It is actually a miracle, in retrospect, that I stuck with it through all that. But, I guess with the power of the Kriya and pranayams, don’t you know it, in a couple of months, it went away!!!


Tongue (and body)-tied

One thing that I noticed after the course was that I was able to speak. Not that I wasn’t able to speak before – I’m talking about giving speeches. When I used to do it, I would shake like crazy, jumble up my words like I didn’t know my own language, and rush through it, barely enunciating and hardly giving anyone a chance to hear or think. But somehow, after some simple body-breath-coordination exercises, it was gone – not completely, but a lot. Before, when I would give presentations for whatever reason in school, I would always rank near the bottom – I don’t even know how low, they didn’t tell me (probably good, to save my feelings). But the first time I spoke after the course, I got third out of a large group!!!! AMAZING!!!!

Note: These are Arpit’s true stories, but he had some help writing them.



He keeps me waiting, sometimes.

I have been told that it’s only my own desires, but it can sure feel like test, after test, after test.

Dark clouds crowd in, hovering, menacingly.

The thunder roars, and the rain pours.

But, through it all, the space is pure, untouched.


Mixed metaphor…

I mean “Behind it all, the sun shines.”

Or something like that.

Point is, bad stuff happ-ens

…but I’m still Happ-y.Image